Energy Globe Award 2014

President of WKÖ hands over national Energy Globe Award!

"Europe always has his view to America and Asia and many times forget the huge possibilities of the continent right in front of us - Africa", said president of the WKÖ (Economic Chamber of Austria) Christoph Leitl. The presentation to the national winner Ghana/West Africa of the Energy Globe 2014 takes places in the Linzer Mozarthaus.

"Europe and Africa have a historical connection, but first of all a collective responsibility for the future.This has to be expressed by a sustainable use of our ressources!" Together with Energy Globe founder Wolgang Neumann, Leitl handed over the price to Sarah Kotopulos, Stefanie Theuretzbacher and Christian Car as representatives of the organization BRAVEAURORA and the student laboraty "Foreign Affairs", which have been brought life to the village Guabuliga in Northern Ghana since 2012 with the continious projects of the Greenbelt and the solar park.




from left to right: President Christoph Leitl, Stefanie Theuretzbacher, Sarah Kotopulos, Christian Car and Energy Globe founder Wolfgang Neumann