Neptun Water Award 2015

BRAVEAURORA and the project partner "[applied] Foreign Affairs der Universität für Angewandte Kunst Wien" were honored with the Neptun Water Award 2015 in the category "Water Global". BRAVEAURORA is very proud that the project was chosen out of 852 submissions for the renowned environment and innovation award.

A few years ago the Neptun Water Award was founded by the Federal Ministry for Agriculture and Forestry, Environment and Water Management, the Federal Ministry for Science, Research and Economy,Austrian Association for Gas and Water (OVGW) and the Austrian Water and Waste Management Association (ÖWAV) through an initiative.

The board of BRAVEAURORA says following to the innovation of the project: "It is easy to build a well. Providing water systems which can be carried on by the village community hower is much more meaningful and sustainable.
In Guabuliga we have installed a new water board where now also women are members. We developed a "money collecting system" together with the community so that the project will be independet from outside and can run by itself."


                      Neptun Wasserpreis2015

                     Sarah Kotopulos and Julia Weberbauer with the Minister

The jury of the Neptun Water Award gave following reasons for awarding the project "WELL by the Tree": "The project was worked out and implemented carefully where preliminary work was done together with the people on site." For the jury it was very positive that the project is part of the whole community development plan where from the youngest to the oldest everybody is participated. Furthermore the technical part with the analysis and the monitoring of the water quality has been done very well.