Awareness Training


Sexual education with the goal of prevention and to transfer knowledge is one of the centra elements of the sustainable development-cooperation of BRAVEAURORA.

Sexual Education is very important because it is dealing with prevention already in school. In October 2012, our cooperation-partner „Youth Harvest Foundation Ghana“ to Guabuliga to educate some of the students as peers in that area. The peers are sharing their knowledge to other people to create a greater outreach.

Since 2014, a focus is given to the topic of contraception in the youth counseling service of Guabuliga. Topics such as contraception, family-planning, HIV/Aids, relationships, abortions, pregnancy, menstruation and many more are covered. After school between 14:30 and 15:30 every Wednesday and Thursday, student can talk about their questions and insecurities with the social-workers. Furthermore the staff is offering modern contraceptions, sich as condoms for cheap prices for the youth.




Aufklärung 1

Christin talks with the children

Aufklärung 2

Sarah and Tamara have a meeting with the children

sexual education 1





sexual education 3

The female body is explained by drawings Many young female villagers take part at the presentations