Guabuliga Kindergarten


Beause of a lack of educational and care-facilities for children who are too young to fall into compulsory education, a Kindergarten was built with support of an Kindergarten-Educationalist from Upper-Austria in 2011.

In cooperation with two volunteer-educators, a Kindergarten was opened in the school-building. The rooms were then equipped with various items (handicraft-blanket, reading table, etc.).

Children from the village who are between 3 and 6 years have the possibility to visit the Kindergarten from 8 am to 12 pm on a daily basis. This Kindergarten offers the children a meaningful activity for the forenoon. At the same time two commited young village inhabitants get a place of employment.

To ensure sustainable know-how transfer and empowerment, the local staff has been schooled and pedagogically trained after the departure of the Austrian educationalist to guarantee the independent and long-term operation of the Kindergarten.

The volunteer kindergarten teachers, Rahmatu, Alice and Judith make an incredible job and their motivation and attendance is especially high. BRAVEAURORA was able to organise a five-day training in the fields of Methodology, Education, Games in Kindergarten for them which was accepted with great motivation by the three staff-members in the next week.







Rahamatu andJudith at preparing learning material  Sirina, the trainer of Walewale




Sirina talks to the  spricht mit dem PTA senior managers (substitution of the teachers) about the meaning of the early primary school  Judith (with daughter Sandra), Alice andRahamutu receive their certificates (attested by the regional manager), that they have participated at the training