Computer Lab


IT knowledge is important for the social and educational success i the west-african society. Even though the public school-system has taken IT-classes into the curriculum and is testing in that subject, the pupils of Guabuliga don't have access to computers or Software. The demand for IT-infrastructure is very strong and encompasses teachers, parents and pupils.

With the Computer-Lab, A competence-centre for IT was created in Guabuliga. 10 PCs with newest technology are available to the entire village.

The room is mainly used by the pupils and the IT-teacher, who can finally have his lessons in a proper surrounding. In the afternoon, the lab is open to the public. Special IT-courses are held in small groups and are led by one of the IT-specialists of our Partner-Organisations. The Computer-lab is, similarly to the library, a meeting point and a place for exchange where re-integration can happen on a daily basis.




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