Teachers Incentives Programme

Education is the key to independence



The Teachers Incentives Programme targets an improvement of the schooling-situation in Guabuliga. In a comprehensive study („Improving Education by Motivating Teachers. A case study of Guabuliga's school system“ by Maggie Cassidy-Brinn 2011) the central challenges of the public school of the village are identified and a concrete programme for solutions are proposed. The Teachers Incentive Programme improves the attendance, motivation and performance of the teacher by a reward-based system. Continuous monitoring shows the performance of the teacher and offers individual rewards (monthly) and group rewards (quarterly in the form of an IT-course for the whole teaching staff). The best teacher is rewarded at the end of the year with an education-scholarship which increased the motivation of the teachers and the quality of the classes. That, in turn, is a benefit for the school-children.

The following scheme helps to evaluate which degree of IT-training the teachers will receive. If the overall performance is „Excellent“, the teacher receive the entire IT-course. If the performance is rated „Good“, they receive a one-day course. „Satisfactory“ performance grants half a day and if the rating is „Needs Improvement“, or „Bad“, no IT education is offered. In the school-year 2011/12 teachers received the grade „satisfactory“ in both semesters and earned half a day of the IT-course. In the first semester of 2012/13, teachers improves to a „Good“ rating and received a full day of education.

The background, why BRAVEAURORA doesn't employ teacher is: BRAVEAURORA doesn't want to create dependencies. On the contrary, with the project „Teach the Teacher“, we want to make Guabuliga attractive for teachers. The main goal of BRAVEAURORA is: Help to help yourself, which is why we want to motivate local teachers to come to Guabuliga.

Report  Reforming Education by Motivating Teachers 






Maggie explains the community and the teachers the importance of the programme   




Mr. Moyom receives ackknowledgement  The director of the school in Guabuliga thanks for the support of BRAVEAURORA




Orphan Asana at school - her teacher works voluntarily teachers and students


Two teachers, the school director and employees of BRAVEAURORA