Agricultural Projects


Sustainability is one of the central association-principles of BRAVEAURORA. With this in mind, the former BRAVEAURORA volunteer Eva Pieber has conceptualised an agricultural project for – and together with – BRAVEAURORA, which was realised in February 2011.

The entire agricultural project is built on participation of the village and was developed in a comprehensive landscape-concept by Eva Pieber, two of her colleagues and a Professor of the University of Graz.

Eva Pieber spend several weeks in 2010 and 2011 in Guabuliga to coordinate details with the village chief and local farmers and to exchange views with other local experts, such as our cooperation partner Youth Harvest Foundation in Bolatanga, who are professionals in the area of sustainable farming.



BRAVEAURORA responsible person for agricultural projects
Eva Maria Pieber, B.A .



Eva was born in 1986 in Styria and studies social-pedagogics and Business-Economics at the Karl Franzens University of Graz. Additional to her studies, the has concluded internships and part-time jobs in social jobs and worked as a student-assistant at the Institute of Pedagogics.

Her interest in agricultural activities showed already at her first stay in Ghana where she connected with local experts. The Matura-Project „Butterfly-Meadow – Close to Nature“ as well as various mini-jobs at a local garden and in the area of forest-care. The has long experience as a hobby-gardener and can draw on her experiences in Austria.



Eva Pieber Farming und Gartenprojekt  
Eva Maria Pieber, B.A .