Sustainable waste management

 About 15 years ago plastic drink bags and plastic bags for packaging were introduced in Ghana. At the same time a new problem emerged: Where to go with all that waste?

The selling of pure water bags for sure is very important so that Ghanain people have access to clean drinking water. However at thes time no considerations were aspired where to take all this emerging waste.






Besides environment also animals are affected by those plastic bags. In earlier times food was cooked and selled in banana leaves, today it is done in plastic bags. These bags are thrown away everywhere, so many animals suffocate from plastic which entangles itself in the stomach. Especially in the Northern part of Ghana this is relevant as 80 % of the people live from agriculture and farming.


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In small villages like in Guabuliga there a only a few or no dustbins therefore plastic usually is burned. The population is not very satisfied with this solution neither.

Air pollution leads to breathing difficulties and burning of eyes for some inhabitants.


Since the end of 2013 BRAVEAURORA has supplied awareness training about the waste topic and has also shown other alternatives than burning waste.





The upcycling workshops in the training center are a special example. Those workshops were started by our external expert Katja Schöner: Waste products are converted into in mint condition products and creatively designed. For example (school) bags, TrashDrummers (drums and instruments for children), filling material for pillows and matraces can be made out of plastic bags.




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Furthermore many waste-collecting-action took place in the village before sundown which where accompanied by the children and their plastic drums very vocal.









At the beginning of the year 2015 also an intensive research about the topic waste took place through our two external experts Florian Utner and Katja Schöner from Trashbar Vienna. Results will be available soon. 






©Photos by Katja Schöner