Wasserproject 2010


The water-project in Guabuliga was implemented under the supervision and guidance of our archtitect Mag. Arch. Bärbel Müller in a short amount of time in early 2010 (March to July) and extended in early 2011.

Both wells on the premises of BRAVEAURORA were examined by Frank Kumah (who is THE water-expert in northern Ghana). Two water-samples from the wells showed that the water is highly contaminated and not drinkable (A main reason for the many illnesses among the orphan-children and the villagers).





Frank Kumah (man with the hat)

at the evaluation of the existinc well on the property (result: no drinking water)




The ideal solution was the re-activisation of a defunct bore hole (a 30 metre deep well which has drinking-water) 400 meter outside of the village.

Frank Kumah provided us with a detailed estimate of the costs of a sola-pump to transport the water through pipes (which we laid down) into the Foster Care Community and the whole village.





Discussion/evaluation about the in-active bore-hole in Guabuliga



Thanks to the generous donation of a private person from Schärding an his wife to our water-fund, we were able to start the project in 2010. The contract with Frank Kumah was signed accordingly and the work began under the motto of Frank Kumah: „Water is Life“.




Activation of the bore-hole/ new installed water tank at 1st May 2010


Extension of the Water Project


To ensure access to clean water for the children in the old orphanage and the new FCC, an additional water-tank (2500 litres) connected to the bore hole was installed at the old orphanage under the supervision of Frank Kumah.


Wassertanks   Trinkwasser
Frank Kumah at installing the new water tank There is drinking water in the building.