Wasserproject 2012


In the last few years, BRAVEAURORA has contributed a lot to the basic water-supply in Guabuliga (for example by re-activating an inactive bore-hole; construction of four water-pipes and connecting them with the bore-hole).

Now, BRAVEAURORA is planning further steps to increase the water-supply of Guabuliga. Taking into account the local water-board, the women of the village (who have a central role in the area of water-supply), a expert on water-issues from northern Ghana and an external expert from Vienna.

In autumn of 2012, the entire „water-situation“ of Guabuliga was comprehensively analysed. The quality of the drinking-water is very bad and at the existing bore hole, the transformator is broken.

The most important issue while ensuring the sustainable supply with drinking-water. Is the active participation of the village. The project needs to be supported, carried and shaped by the entire community.

There are problems with the water-supply especially in the dry-season because many hand-made wells in the centre are drying up. The deeper bore-hole well on the outskirts of Guabuliga is carrying water all year. Seven water-samples were taken at six hand-made wells and one at the bore-hole in rain- and dry-season by the CSIR Water Research Institute in Tamale. Their bacteriological analysis showed that the water from the hand-crafted wells do not have drinking-water quality and that they are contaminated with various coli-bacteria and E-Coli. These bacteria indicate a strong contamination with feces.





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To counter the health-damaging effects of the water, education for school-children is highly regarded. The main target of the educational measure was to improve the water-supply and the overall health-situation in Guabuliga.

In September of 2012 a short educational program for a group of pupils from the village-school and a teacher was held. The programme included a painting competition about the proper use of water and hygiene. The motivated teacher wants to continue this topic in her classes.

Another focus of the project was the inspection of the basic fabric and the had-pumps of the wells. Talks with water-egineer Frank Kumah regarding an estimate of the future costs and the necessary investments into the renovation of the well and bore hole were held. The inspection of the wells found that immediate measures are necessary to reduce the contamination of the drinking water. All of the hand-pumps on the hand-dug wells were defunct whereas the hand-pumps of the bore-holes are in relatively good condition. A hygienic surrounding of the wells is important to ensure that the water can't be contaminated by infectious bacteria or natural occurrences.

In the year 2004, the government of Ghana supplied Guabuliga with a „small town mechanized“ system to pump drinking water from a tank over a distribution-network into various party of the village. The system had been broken for some time due to a severe problem with the transformator. Because the whole infrastructure for water-supply in Guabuliga already exists, it would be best to install a solar-powered pumping-system. This would also lower the costs for the village. Drinking-Water supply-stations need to regularly undergo maintenance. Financial resources need to be ready to cover these costs and to work successfully.

During the installation of the supply-station for drinking-water, a water-board was founded and villagers were educated in maintaining the supply-station. The model implemented in Guabuliga to cover the costs of maintenance was a monthly payment of one Cedi per month and household to get access to clean drinking-water. To collect the money is one of the duties of the water-board. Currently , there are no women on the board even though they are often responsible for the water-supply of the family.



Water Report September 2012.pdf

Water Report Februar 2012.pdf

(Authors: Theresa Theuetzbacher (external Water-Expert, Austria) and Frank Kumah (Water-Expert Tamale, North-Ghana)



Neptun Water-Award 2013

BRAVEAURORA & [applied] Foreign Affairs were nominated for the Neptun Water-Award on March 20th 2013 in the category „WaterWORLD“ for all their initiatived regarding water-issues in Guabuliga.

The Neptun Water-Award is the Austrian ecological and innovation-award for projects regarding water. The initiative is supported by the Ministry of Agriculture and Water Management (Lebensministerium), the Ministry of Economy, Family and Youth (BMWFJ), the Austrian Association for Gas and Water (ÖVGW) and the Austrian Association for Water and Waste-Economy (ÖVFW).

For more information on the Neptun Water-Award (in German):



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