Clean drinking water for more than 6000 people in Guabuliga

In the last years, BRAVEAURORA has also contributed to the water-supply in Guabuliga (e.g. re-activation of an inactive borehole; two water-tanks; building Water-Pipes and connecting them with the borehole).
BRAVEAURORA is currently planning further steps in the development of the water-supply in Guabuliga in cooperation with the local Water-Board, the women of the village (who have a central role in water-supply), a water-expert from North Ghana and an external consultant from Vienna, Theres Theuretzbacher. Theuretzbacher has evaluated the situation on location in the years 2012 and 2013.

The tested wells in the village Guabuliga show a high count of bacteria and fall into the category of „HIGH RISK“ according to international standards. This is the reason why immediate action is needed. Here you can find a detailed description of our water-project (in German) A sustainable solution for the esential resource „Water“ is key to the future of the people in the village.


Educational work about the topic „water“ and trainings for peer-educators


To ensure the long-term success and sustainability of the water-project, a long initiation-phase was planned before the implementation of the solar-power system. In the initiation phase, awareness about clean drinking water i raise in the population and a group of key-persons are educated in order to share their knowledge as peer-educator in the village.
At the end of October 2013, a two-day training on the topic of „Water and Sanitation“ was held in Guabuliga by the Ghanaian NGO „Rural Aid“ as they are experts on water-issues.
The key-persons from Guabuliga were invited to take part i the peer-education trainings. Besides the Chief and his council of Elders, also teachers, women from every part of the village as well as representatives of the churches and mosques of Guabuliga were present. These so called peer-educators were trained to spread knowledge about water and sanitation in the village and to convince people of the importance of clean drinking-water.



©Photo by Katja Schöner

With pictures and stories the participants were shown what is running well in the village, what isn't and how to change that. The health-effects of unclean water and the importance of keeping the water clean, as well as the necessary financial measures for the maintenance of the water-supply were discussed. Only if the village itself develops a system to gather money can it act independently in case of maintenance-works and is not dependend on BRAVEAURORA or other donors for financial assistance.

The participants learned a lot and are spreading their knowledge in the village (in school, the mosque, the church, at meetings, etc.). A few weeks after the training, a comprehensive money-collecting system for the maintenance of the solar-collector was developed. Since February 2014, every member of the community of Guabuliga pays 1 GHC (ca. 0,5€) to the Water-Board to pay for future maintenance. This guarantees the sustainability and independence of the water-project.


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Foundation of a new Water-Board

Raising awareness on water issues and the necessity for more engagement in the village-community was emphasised through the trainings with key-actors. The importance of a well functioning water-board was also discussed. In 2004 a water-board was founded in Guabuliga, not unlike other villages in the region. The task of the board was to maintain the water-supply system and to generate income for future repairs. Since water supply doesn't include the water-tank anymore, no money was collected. As a result, existing wells could not be maintained. To work out the organisational and structural problems in this regard, talks were held with every member of the water-board.
The information gathered from these talks as well as research and analysis of a qualitative and quantitative survey suggests that the installtion of a water-pump system for the water-tank which runs on solar-power is the most functional and future-oriented solution for Guabuliga.
Furthermore, a new water-board was installed in which women are also active members. Women are the main group of the population using water in their daily routines. A money-collecting system was introduced by the new water-board in cooperation with the sections of the village to maintain the solar-collector in the long term.


Clean drinking-water means life for children!

A majority of deaths in developing countries is caused by contaminated water. An average Austrian uses 135 litres of fresh water while children in Ghana need to drink dirty water which is contaminated with feces-bacteria. BRAVEAURORA simply had to act even if the project-costs of 30.000 EUR were a big challenge.
A sustainable solution was found by combining the water-tank system with a solar pump-system and with the support of our architect Bärbel Müller and the water-expert from North-Ghana, Frank Kumah. In the beginning of August 2014, the system was installed. The company „Pumptech“ installed a solar-part with 24 large panels. The activation of the defunct water-tank system is a long-term ad sustainable solution which was realised in a joint project by the government-institutions the community of Guabuliga and BRAVEAURORA. According to our evaluation, a solar-powered pumping-system is more reasonable in the long term. In the past, it was a big financial issue for the population of the village to shoulder the costs of a common transformator. Malfunctions of the regular electricity grid in the region are happening on a daily basis and this would have had grave consequences for the water supply.

The finalisation of the project is a milestone for the work of BRAVEAURORA because now, clean water is flowing in the entire village of Guabuliga. There can be no economic development, no wealth, no health and no education without clean water.
The commissioning of the new water system was celebrated with a big village-celebration in February 2014!