Graduation Trainees 2015

60 people finished with trainings

In Guabuliga the year 2015 ended with a graduation celebration for 60 people who participated in the trainings of the Guabuliga Vocational Training Centre intensively for the last year.




The trainees had trainings in hairdressing, soap making, tailoring, dressmaking, batik, tie and dye as well as pomade making. With the chief, his elders and the Guabuliga community a festive ceremony took place where the chief and BRAVEAURORA programme coordinator Anita Leutgeb handed over the certificate to the participants – we congratulate the trainees for their success!


graduation2  graduation3


The trainings are a basis for a self-dependent life. Besides technical know-how money for investments and on-going support for accounting, marketing and product development is necessary. As BRAVEAURORA has sustainability as one of its principles, it supports the finished trainees also in their future career plans.

The next trainings for baking and weavening already have started, afterwards carpenting and gardening will be offered in the training centre.


baking1  weaving1