The measurements of reintegration have started with hiring the educated ghanaian social-worker Judith Kwogana in February of 2011. In close exchange with the managing board, Judith wrote the BRAVEAURORA Handbook for reintegration in the first half of 2011. The book highlights the concrete steps of BRAVEAURORA in the field of reintegration.

The re-integration handbook can be downloaded here.

The handbook contains especially singular processes in which the children have to be included, such as evaluation and monitoring of families and how support-packages should look like. The handbook on re-integration was also coordinated with the Department of Social Welfare (DSW) in Ghana. The DSW is implementing the international requirements for the well-being of children with a comprehensive legislative initiative for orphans and vulnerable childen. Following this development, a Social Enquiry Report (SER) was created for every child in the orphanage of Guabuliga. These SER were then presented to the Department of Social Welfare. In an SER, the exact situation of a child is described and evaluated so a concrete suggestions for the re-integration can be made.

The selection of possible families for re-integration takes place after a comprehensive analysis in a top-down approach.

1. Parent (Mother / Father)
2. Close relatives (grandparents / aunt / uncle) – extended families.
3. Foster Parents
4. Foster Care Community

In July 2011, the first successful reintegration of a child into a family in Guabuliga occured. In June 2013, the reintegration could be completed successfully.

The intensive communication of both BRAVEAURORA social workers with the reintegrated children and families, as well as the monitoring of re-integration is key to success. Every child and every family will then receive a support-package (the details are written doen in the BRAVEAURORA Handbook on re-integration. e.g. food, eduction medicine, construction-measures etc.)


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