Support Package

The support package is central to the success of reintegration and makes it possible for families to house children and care for them.

The support package contains the most important items for the daily life of the children (food, clothes, hygiene-products, school-fees) and is handed out to the parents on the day of reintegration.

The majority of the content of the support package is handed out once. School-Fees and food are given continuously in the early stages of reintegration. Throuugh the microcredit, which is also a part of the support package, families should be able to care for their children in the long-term.
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The micro-credit programme is part of the support-packages and enables families of re-integrated children in the mid- and long-term to generate income and care for themselves.

Methodolgically, the program is orienting itself to the „Yunu's Mirocredit Concept“ and connects business with social development. The amount of the first credit was 150 GHC and was granted for a time-frame of 6 months (Phase I). The interest-rate was a symbolic 1 percent, the payment until the end of the time-frame enabled to get a second credit (Phase II).

A total of 26 people are taking part in the micro-credit programme, who have come together in 4 specific business-groups. Every group has a director and a micro-credit leader, who represents all credit-takers. He is also the central contact-person for BRAVEAURORA and works as a connective element between the BRAVEAURORA project-coordinator the re-integration families and credit-takers. Additionally, every first week of the month, a meeting is held between the entire group with all group—leaders and the BRAVEAURORA-Staff.