Reintegration - why?

Originally children in Ghana, as well as other africal countries, were put in care-facilities without looking for alternative solutions.

Many of these orphanages are neither registered with the Department of Social Welfare of Ghana (DSW), nor do they reach adequate standards for a qualitative home for children. Children growing up in these foster-facilities often suffer from reduced contact with their families, are often stigmatised by the population and find it difficult to develop social networks outside of the institution. This is why the „Car Reform Initiative“ was developed and implemented in Ghana.


Orphans and Vulnerable Children Care Reform Initiative, Ghana (CRI 2006 - 2011)

The Care Reform Initiative in Ghana wants to reduce the number of existing orphanages drastically for the sake of the children. Its focus is the re-integration of orphans into existing respectively extended families.

For their best interest, orphans should be re-integrated in their extended families, respectively foster-families. The goal of the initiative is for orphans to grow up in family-structures rather than in an institution. In a long-term perspective, orphanages should be dissolved and should only serve children, who could not be re-integrated as a foster-care community in small units with foster-mothers. It is currently not possible in Ghana to found, or build new orphanages.

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