Health Supply


It is the goal of our health-project to inform affected, as well as other villagers, about dealing with common illnesses (Hep B, Hep C, Malaria) in workshops.

The duties of the medical expert ae furthermore monitoring as well as treatment of the most common diseased. With regular checks and an exact documentation it is evaluated whether or not the spread of a disease has decreased or if improvements are necessary.




Erste Hilfe und HIV-Stunde von Magda und Maria an interessierte Eltern (nur Frauen sind gekommen) unserer Kids

First aid and HIV-lesson from Magda and Maria for interested parents from "our" kids (only women came to this event)




BRAVEAURORA expert for medical supply
Maria Pilsl

Maria was born in 1988 in a small village called St. Roman close to Schärding. After finishing school she became a nurse at LKH Rohrbach in 2009.

After one year at the Konventhospital Barmherzige Brüder in Linz she moved away. Her dream-destination was Africa because she wanted to „move something“. In her first volunteer-mission in 2011 in Ghana, she quickly recognized that the overall-situation needed bettering.

With great interest in medicine, Maria completed a course in tropical medicine in 2012. With more knowledge about tropical diseases, the already existing medical project in Guabuliga was taken over by Maria and Magda. With great effort, contacts to local competent doctors could be arranged. In another stay in 2012, Maria and Magda led information-courses on infectious diseases with families.




 Maria Pilsl