Guabuliga Hospital

Just like in many disadvantaged region in the world, medical supply and lacking educational opportunities are two of the main problems for the every-day life and major obstacles to development.

The health-supply in Guabuliga is entrely insufficient. Serious and life-threatening diseases (Malaria, Hepatitis, Typhus, etc.) can't be treated on location but only after hours of travelling to the hospitals of the district-capitals. Avoidable deaths and workforce deficiencies are he result. As always, children suffer the most under these conditions.

With the project „guabuliga Hospital“, it is planned to build a permant hospital-ward to ensure the medical supply of the villagers (ca. 2000 people) and the surrounding areas (ca. 5000 people). Because of the central location of Guabuliga, the village is a good location for a cetral hospital in this medically underdeveloped region.

Currently talks are being held with potential project-partners. The realisation of this project depends on various factors. Cooperations with the locally engaged medical NGO „Christian Health Organization of Ghana“ (CHAG), is key. CHAG has opened a modern hospital ward but can only open one day a month due to personal shortage.

With this cooperation-model synergies can be used and the continuous operation of the clinic can be ensured. The project is still in the planning-phase, however intensive talks have already taken place with possible partners as well as the Chief of Guabuliga.