Youth Services

The social workers of BRAVEAURORA have developed the concept of a  youth service or youth-counseling office to remain a contact point for reintegrated children and to offer counseling services and support in youth-issue to other children and adolescents in Guabuliga and its surrounding. The youth-counseling will take places in the offices of the social workers. Central to the work in these office is the cooperation (especially in the north of Ghana) and intermediation to other organisations.

The concept of the youth-counseling office is divided into two functions: On the one hand it offers „cousnel“ to various youth-issues such as problems at school, problems in the community, problems with parents, love, forced marriages, employment, conflicts with religion, etc.. On the other hand, there is a focus on the area of sexual education, Topics such as contraception, family-planning, HIV/Aids, relationships, abortion, pregnancy, menstruation and other will be discussed after school between 14:30 and 15:30 every Wednesday and Thursday. Furthermore, the social workers offer modern contraceptions (such as condoms) for affordable prices.


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