Agricultural project

Sustainability is one of three key principles of BRAVEAURORA. In this sense, Eva Pieber-a former Volunteer of BRAVEAURORA worked in coordination with BRAVEAURORA on a written agricultural project, which was implemented from February 2011 at the site. Due to the huge support of our former volunteer Eva Pieber, we were able to start the BRAVEAURORA Gardening and Farming Project in February 2011. In collaboration with the University Graz and two colleagues, Eva has developed a farming concept for BRAVEAURORA, which we consolidated in December 2010 in Austria. The concept contains a new agricultural method - "Intercropping" - which was up to now scarcely known or rarely applied in the north of Ghana. Furthermore, the concept is based on the participation of the village community. Eva started the implementation of the project in Guabuliga in February 2011 and spent a month working with the community. Not only has she accorded the project in detail with the village chief and the local farmers, but also co-operated with our partner, the Youth Harvest Foundation in Bolgatanga, which are experts in the area of sustainable farming. Additionally, an expert group by "EcologicalFarming" executed an on-site inspection and counseled Eva on the implementation of the project. The BRAVEAURORA farming property was allocated by the Village Chief of Guabuliga and we have long-term plans to establish farms for corn and beans. We are extremely excited - finally, we were able to start our own vegetable garden. During her stay, Eva and our architect Bärbel have calibrated a vast vegetable garden, measuring 500 square-meters. The position of the Garden is right between the Volunteer's Compound and the new Children's Residence, in the vicinity of an existing well. The area was fenced by a local professional in traditional technique and provided with two wooden garden gates (this is necessary for the protection from free-wheeling goats and chicken). The children are very excited about the garden - not only is the cultured crop used for their alimentation, they also have a great joy in sharing responsibility for the maintenance of the property. Eva has divided the children in different groups, allocating different gardening taks to each group. Additionally, we were happy to find Malam, a person of trust from the village, who will be in charge of the vegetable garden and as agreed to introduce the children to gardening.




BRAVEAURORA agricultural project manager

Eva Maria Pieber, B.A .

Eva was born in Styria, a southern province of Austria, in 1986. Since 2006 she has been studying social pedagogics and economics at the University of Graz. Additionally to her studies, she did some relevant internships and part-time jobs in the social sector and worked as a research associate at the Institute for Educational Science. Her interest in agricultural activities was already evident during her first stay in Ghana, where she socialized quickly with local experts. Eva already has a lot of experience in gardening and farming: her graduation project "Butterfly Meadow - Nature Up Close", various casual jobs in forest management, a plant nursery as well as many years of experience in hobby gardening have made her an expert in her field.


Eva Maria Pieber
BRAVEAURORA agricultural project manager


Gartenprojekt (Januar 2012) 

Hello Eva
Thank you for doing the garden
The garden is so nice!
Some Alefu are ready to eat
Some harvest their Alefu
Malam is doing well in the garden
Madam Dahamata and madam Suzana are helping malam in the garden
Nuura and Rahi



erster Alefu Brief Meeting im Garten


Gardenproject (October/ November 2011)


Pictures in the Gallery



Gardenproject (September 2011)

Report of Eva Pieber fileadmin/template/braveaurora/redakteurinnen/Galerie/Projekte/Landwirtschaftsprojekt/first_report_food_nov2011.pdf

Gardenproject (May 2011)

Updates vom May 2011



The initial success


The children help with diligent


The children reap the returns


The beds are cast


The children enjoy working in the garden



Gardenproject (February 2011)



The children work...


with great joy...


on their individual vegetable patches


The fence of the new vegetable garden between volunteercompound and the new children compound is built


Malam, the project manager, at work