Guabuliga Computer Lab


IT skills are of great significance for social and professional success in West African society as well. Although the public school system includes IT classes in its curriculum and holds tests in the subject, the students of Guabuliga have no access to computers and software. The demand for IT infrastructure for educational purposes is very high, from teachers as well as from parents and students. With the computer lab, an IT resource will be created that, with 10 PCs, will meet the most up-to-date standards of technology and will be accessible for the entire village.




The lab will primarily be used by students and the IT teacher, who can now finally hold his class in a suitable space. In the afternoons the computer lab will also however be accessible to the public: special IT courses will be held for small groups led by tech specialists from one of our partner organizations. The computer lab is - much like the library - a place of meeting and exchanges, a space where reintegration can and will take place on a daily basis.