Primary Care Water

The water project in Guabuliga was implemented under the guidance and leadership of our architect Bärbel Müller within a short time in spring 2010 (March to July 2010) and expanded in the spring 2011. Both wells, which are located on the plot are studied by Frank Kumah - he is "THE" water expert in northern Ghana (a friend from the U.S. gave us the contact of Frank). The results have shown that the water of both wells is heavily polluted and certainly not for drinking (and therefore responsible for many diseases of the orphans and villagers).




Frank Kumah (2nd from left with hat) for evaluation of building on existing wells piece (no drinking water)



During the last few months BRAVEAURORA and water experts of Ghana spoke about options for the water supply for the Foster Care Community (and in addition to a sustainable supply for the entire village Guabuliga).

The ideal solution was to activate a currently inactive Bore-hole (a 30 meter deep well that has drinking water quality), which is located about 400 meters outside the village or from the existing building of the Foster Care Community (in the bush). Frank Kumah established a detailed cost estimate for a newly installed solar pump which should pump the water from the bore hole and then transport it via lines in the Foster Care Community and the whole village.




Discussion / evaluation at the inactive Bore-Hole in Guabuliga




Because of a substantial financial contribution to our water financing of a private person and his wife from Schärding, we were able to start the water project in May 2010. The contract was signed with Frank and immediatly the water project started - under the motto of Frank Kumah "Water is Life".




Activation of the Bore-Holes / New water tank installed on 1 May 2010


Expansion of the Water Project


The improvement of the hygienic situation in the orphanage has top priority for BRAVEAURORA. This is why already in spring 2010 BRAVEAURORA re-activated a 30meter non-operating (at this point of time) borehole. The borehole serves drinking water. BRAVEAURORA has installed a solar pump and built pipes (400meters), set up a big water tank (3000l) and built 4 stand pipes in very close proximity to the BRAVEAURORA plot where also the new Foster Care Community was built in spring 2011. In May 2011 the water project was extended and a new and additional water tank 2500l was installed in the existing orphanage building (which was also connected with a pipe with the existing water project) in order to have running drinking water also right in the old orphanage building which has been also refurbished from the ground.



Frank Kumah is installing the new water tank in the existing orphanage


There is drinking water in the orphanage