Teachers Incentives Program


Education is the key to independence. The "BRAVEAURORA - Guabuliga School Improvement Project" is advancing in great steps - thanks to the unwearying on-site dedication of our project leader Maggie. In the past few months, Maggie has initiated a series of meetings and co-ordination talks with teachers, school supervisors, the "Teacher-Parents-Association" and the Guabuliga Chief, among others, to improve the situation of school and education in Guabuliga.


In the lead-up of the project, Maggie published the article "Reforming Education by Motivation Teachers", a comprehensive evaluation paper on the schooling situation in Guabuliga, the results of which were also based on the community talks. The "BRAVEAURORA Incentive Program" started officially in October 2011. Every month, the "Teacher of the Month" will be elected - based on fair, reproducible criteria. The "Teacher of the Month" will obtain a bag of rice (or whichever crop available). Already, the Incentive Program has achieved first results: instead of four Primary School teachers, we were able to hire eight Ghanaian teachers for the Primary School instruction. As to the background why we do not want to hire teachers ourselves: We do not want to create dependencies - on the contrary - the additional project "Teach the Teacher" aims at making the location Guabuliga more tempting to the teaching staff. The main goal of BRAVEAURORA is to help people help themselves - that is why we are trying to convince and motivate teachers to move to Guabuliga. The reason why there were no teachers in Guabuliga in the past few years - it's location is too remote.

Report  Reforming Education by Motivating Teachers 




Maggie erklärt der Community und den Lehrern die Wichtigkeit des Programms


Mr. Boniface bekommt eine Anerkennung für seine Leistungen



Mr. Moyom bekommt eine Anerkennung


Der Direktor von der Schule in Guabuliga bedankt sich für die Unterstützung von BRAVEAURORA


Waisenkind Asana in der Schule- ihr Lehrer arbeitet ehrenamtlich


Lehrer und Schüler


Zwei Lehrer, der Schuldirektor und BRAVEAURORA Mitarbeiter