Improving the school situation

The children of the orphanage Guabuliga attend public school in Guabuliga. The orphans should not to be excluded or better off compared to the other children of Guabuliga (example: by full time private lessons).
BRAVEAURORA observed, how the public school situation has deteriorated dramatically in 2010 ( some teachers do not appear for days to class). BRAVEAURORA currently working with US-based Ghanaian NGO Action Aid in an action plan to improve the school situation for Guabuliga.


A big step foward to a better future


Maggie Cassidy-Brinn from America is the educatinal coordinator for BRAVEAURORA in Guabuliga since July 2011. She is working actively to improve the school situation for all village children. A sustainable concept, as well as networking with relevant partners are of high importance.



very bad schoolsituation: for 11 classes (600 children) just 3 teachers