New construction and renovation completed


According to acute shortage of space and utterly poor and provisionary living conditions (4 small, rotten rooms for 44 children) of the existing orphanage in Guabuliga, BRAVEAURORA plans the development and building of compound and the renovation of the existing orphanage in Guabuliga. The long term aim is to grant the orphans a humanly roof over their head where they may grow up. Additional there will be built a compound for about 4 volunteers with a workingroom.



In February 2009 BRAVEAURORA made first contact to the Vienna based Architect and Arficaexpert Bärbel Müller, who already made an on-site visit to Guabuliga in March 2009. On her visit to Guabuliga, Bärbel Müller made an evaluation of the two plots that are available as building sites for the new orphanage.



The last two travels to Ghana in September 2010 and in November 2010 showed us (after intensive consultation with the village Guabuliga and various international NGOs in Ghana) that the main focus of our project should be on the re-integration of the 44 orphans of the orphanage Guabuliga. Originally, we assumed first to build a Foster Care Community to improve the hygienic conditions for children dramatically and rapidly. Then in the next step the re-integration should be performed.



But it turned out that the re-integration of orphaned children can start earlier. Therefore we decided to build "modular": Instead of four compounds we are building only one new compound for 20 children and at the same time we will start with the re-integration of the smallest children (expected in the 2nd half of 2011). For this purpose, we will employ a trained Ghanian social workers on site.



Besides the new building of the compound as described we will renovate the old, existing orphanage building. The new children's residential building will be finished in June 2011. The soft renovation of the old orphanage is to be completed in summer of 2011.




Architect Mag. Bärbel Müller (curriculum vitae) 4b2c532ea8