New contruction and renovation

In November 2010 the construction of the new children's building and the renovation of the existing orphanage building under the guidance of Mag Bärbel Müller has begun. Our architect Bärbel Müller was on the spot in April 2011 and has supervised in February 2011 the construction site. Our architect Bärbel Müller was again in April 2011 on the spot and supervised the construction site in Febraury 2011. In July / August 2011, she finalized the work on the construction and renovation. Under the guidance of artist Bernard Akoi Jackson (Accra) a 1 ½-week workshop was held. The children were able to color their living place with the help of Bernard. All rooms were painted, doors and windows were lacquered. In addition to the Orphanage, the new compound with brightly colored and received glowing accent. In collaboration with engineer Frank Kumah the sanitary situation in the old orphanage was significantly improved - two urinals for boys and girls were built. The new houses were equipped with eight beds and closet space for each child. With the purchase of 45 mattresses the previously problematic situation of the children are finally upgraded for the long term. At 01 August the long awaited move of 16 children took place in the new compound: a happy day!



First Pictures of architect Bärbel Müller (November/ December 2010)


Pictures of the construction progress under the guidance of architect Bärbel Müller (February 2011)


Pictures of the construction progress under the guidance of architect Bärbel Müller (May 2011)


Pictures of the finalization of the work (July 2011)



next steps of BRAVEAURORA


Photo log of the construction site progress from November 2010 - February 2011

The construction team


Beginning of new contruction


Rodung des Grundstückes

Clearing of the land



Foundation trench


 Anlieferung er Zuschlagstoffe zum Betonieren

Delivery of the aggregate for concreting


 Notwendige Bewehrungsmatten für die Bodenplatten

Necessary reinforcement mats for the floor plate


 frische Bodenplatten

Fresh ground plate


 Baustelle auf Hochtourden

Construction site in full swing


 Lehmziegel - Produktion

Production of compressed earth blocks


Inside the new children houses closet walls are built


The roofs in the new children compound are up!


 Renovation of the old orphanage building


Removal of the holey plate cover of the main house at the orphanage

Dach Waisenhas

The new roof in the old orphanage


Mosquito nets and security grills as an emergency measure for better ventilation of the rooms


Renovation of the office room in the orphanage


Apartment for social worker Judith in the staff wing of the school in Guabuliga was completed on 02/15/2011


Renovierung und Möbelierung

Renovierung und Möblierung des Apartments für die BA Sozialarbeiterin

Strom im Apartment

Provision of power for the apartment