Volunteers building completed



On 21 of March 2010 the construction works for the Foster Care Community in Guabuliga had started. The work had been awarded to the experienced construction manager Martin Quarsshie from Tamale. He was monitored by the "supervisor" Daniel Telly (Ghanaean architect), who updated us regularly with reports of the construction progress.


The whole "finishing" (for example carpentry work, painting work, etc.) - we will carried out with the local population of Guabuliga. The Austrian architect of BRAVEAURORA Bärbel Müller accompanies the construction as much as possible with on site visits.

The Volunteers building was completed in July 2010







Research Grant Bärbel Müller

The bmukk supports our architect Bärbel Müller - and BRAVEAUORA! - with a research grant that enable her to research on local clay building and operate their further development. The potential of the project is to generate adaptable solutions that show local designs can be renewed with simple resources. This methods should develope modern facilities, which operate climatic, ecological and economic value and can improve difficult working and living conditions. New technologies are already in use in the construction of our Volunteercompounds.