The microcredit program is a part of the support package and will enable the families of reintegration children in the mid- to long-term to generate income and provide for themselves and their families.




The methodology of the program is based on Yunu’s microcredit concept and combines business with social development. The amount of the credit is GHC 150 and is awarded over a period of six months (Phase I). The interest rate is set at a symbolic 1 percent. Repayment at the end of the credit period is required to receive new credit (Phase II). Altogether, 26 people take part in the microcredit program, who have formed four groups, each with a specific business plan. Each group is led by a group leader, while all the credit recipients are led and represented by one microcredit leader. He is also the primary contact person for BRAVEAURORA and acts as a link between the BRAVEAURORA project leader and the reintegration families and credit recipients. In addition, on the first week of every month a meeting with all the groups, leaders and BRAVEAURORA coworkers is held.