Following intensive consultation with the village of Guabuliga and with various international NGOs, we realized that the main focus of our project - the re-integration of the 44 orphans at the Guabuligan orphanage- must come into operation earlier than originally planed. For this purpose, we have to hire a trained Ghanaian social worker to implement our project. The first task of the new social worker is to issue the documents of re-integration in close coordination with the BRAVEAURORA team. Furthermore, the social worker will be the primary person-of-trust for the orphans in the re-integration process.


Our social worker Judith started working in February 2011 and has therefor moved to Guabuliga. Finding and hiring Judith was a big fortune and a huge success. She is a trained Ghanaian social worker (degree in Accra), who is already experienced in working with orphan children. Furthermore, Judith speaks the local dialects "fra-fra" and "mampruli".

In November 2011, a second social worker was hired.

The Re-Integration Handbook - completed in the beginning of November - can be downloaded here.