Highest Principles

1. Help for long-term self-help



By undertaking comprehensive and project related support measures of orphanages in Africa, BRAVEAURORA intends to establish future perspectives for African orphans, which should make a contribution to their onward upgrowth and their long-term social integration in Africa. BRAVEAURORA thus expects to be able to influence individual fates in a positive and sustainable way and tries to be able to accomplish a contribution to the socio-structural development of Africa. BRAVEAURORA has committed itself to the principle of help for long-term self-help.

2. Transparency principle



BRAVEAURORA undertakes its activities under the highest degree of transparency and gives its donators the possibility to track the direct fruits/effects of their donations any time. All investments undertaken by BRAVEAURORA are coined by the transparency principle. BRAVEAURORA has a small, flexible board that is able to make swift decisions and implement these decisions rapidly. All members of the board work solely on a voluntary basis. All travel expenses will be beard by the board members themselves, except BRAVEAURORA got a specific earmarked donation for such travel expenses. BRAVEAURORA voluntarily commits itself to this highest principle of full cost transparency.

3. Sustainability principle



BRAVEAURORA undertakes each investment on the basis of the positive answering of 3 questions. By a strong answer of these 3 questions with regard to conviction, responsibility and shape of future BRAVEAURORA can implement its projects in a responsible way and believes to be able to make its investments in a sustainable manner and thus may act fully in the terms of the association purpose.



The 3 BRAVEAURORA questions in regard of the sustainability principle:

1. Is our investment idea "convincing"?

2. Is our investment idea "responsible"?

3. Is our investment idea "future shaping"?



BRAVEAURORA endeavors to conduct sustainable development aid beyond themicrocosmos orphanage in the long term and tries - together with the local population - to positively shape the future so that by various community measures (i.e. education, networking) a creation of future can take place and thus the number of orphans may be stabilized in the local environment.