The beginning


The impetus for BRAVEAURORA was the 2-months stay of Julia, Tamara and Sarah in summer / autumn 2008 in the orphanage of Guabuliga in Northern Ghana. An E-Mail which originally was addressed to friends and family - to ask for support for the orphans (OVC's orphans and vulnerable children) - had an enormous impact. On the grounds of the first donations received fundamental acquirements for the orphanage could have been made (e.g. beds - which had not existed before). This E-Mail also reached Christin in Zurich. Impressed of their activities in Guabuliga, Christin approached Julia, Tamara and Sarah and after their return carried forward the workings in Guabuliga in November 2008.




After their stay in Guabuliga it was clear for the four Austrians: there is further need for action in favor of the orphans (OVC's orphans and vulnerable children): in fact as rapid as possible. Without having ever met before personally or having known each other, but with their common experience of their work in the orphanage in Guabuliga, Julia, Tamara, Sarah and Christin still have decided by end of 2008 to found the Austrian based association "BRAVEAURORA - Association for the support of orphans in Africa".



Thus, BRAVEAURORA enjoys a deep trust advantage from its very beginning. The founders of BRAVEAURORA have met for the first time personally after they already had filed officially the articles of association of the organisation. Similarly this first meeting was the first working session of BRAVEAURORA, in order not to loose any time. The founders of BRAVEAURORA are convinced: every move counts even if it's just a small one. In this spirit: "small moves - big change." BRAVEAURORA officially exists as registered association in Austria with a subsidiary in Switzerland since 3 March 2009.