BRAVEAURORA is looking for volunteers for the new Foster Care Home in Guabuliga from mid-year 2012 (periodically), who will act on-site and operate as tie and extended arm of BRAVEAUORA. The volunteer service should at least be carried out over a period of 6 months. Your application should be made at least six months before the scheduled travel period.



If you are interested in this volunteer position, you should be:


  • at least 21 years old
  • have a driving license (for cars)
  • have completed a first aid course (up to 1 year old confirmation)
  • should be interested in a different culture and a different way of life and in particular
  • should be self-reliant, ready for action, responsible, adaptable, flexible, resilient and creative




BRAVEAURORA will provide you with an appropriate accommodation on- site (cost € 1.50 per day for accommodation, food and electricity in the orphanage ) and gives you support in your travel plans. There are no brokerage fees, the cost of the stay will be borne by you (flight, vaccinations, visa, and so on)



As a volunteer you will work intensively together with BRAVEAURORA and you are in a close contact with us about the daily operations and incidents in the Foster Care Home. Thus, you will bear a high responsibility. Additionally, you are the psychological parent of the orphans (OVC's orphans and vulnerable children) and you also may actively create the spare time of the orphans. Besides that you will be in close cooperation with the other volunteers assisting the orphanage and you will work together closely with the local conductor of the Foster Care Community.


Interested persons may contact BRAVEAURORA and find out more about that position and the specific requirements or directly send your CV, motivation letter and desired period of stay. We are pleased to send you the detailed and further application requirements accordingly.


 We are looking forward to your request!



"Es hat total Spaß gemacht mit euch zu arbeiten, ihr macht so eine tolle Arbeit und opfert so viel Zeit und Energie in dieses Projekt, das ist wirklich bewundernswert und beeindruckend, wie ihr das schafft!Ich habe in diesen 6 Monaten wirklich sehr viel gelernt und es war eine unvergessliche Erfahrung für mich."


(Luisa Riemer (Deutschland) Volunteer bei BRAVEAURORA November 2009 bis April 2010)